Revolution of e-commerce or E-Business

The Revolution of Business done on the Internet. eBusiness. First came the wild idea of selling THINGS on the Internet.... Books, garden supplies, shoes, even cars! All from the quiet privacy of your own home. Heck, you could go shopping in your pajamas, and with your hair and teeth unbrushed. So you have this great idea, and you come up with a name, logo, and slogan. You stake your "dot com" property, and then voila! You have a brand new eBusiness. If you have an eBusiness that sells a service, such as web or graphic design, we can eliminate the need for a brick and mortar store front. What is "brick and mortar"? I don't know, do you? So that means, we can even eliminate the need to KNOW what "brick and mortar" MEANS. Which is why the Internet is so fast. Selling products that needed to be shipped to the client can prove to be more of a challenge then providing an online or digital service. Amazon.com set up warehouses, so that books could be shipped more efficiently. Garden.com talked to many different businesses and partnered with them to create the ultimate in buying garden supplies. eBusiness brings out the true, creative entrepreneur in you. Being able to start a business for a small price, or even for free is very exciting. Join the Revolution. Start an eBusiness.
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