Welcome to the brief history of eBusiness. What? Why brief?! Don't worry, the Internet (er, world) is not coming to an end. In fact, it has just begun. Hence, the "brief" history. Okay, so back to the history part. Hmmm, this is weird. If you do a search on "history of eBusiness" on the popular search engine, HotBot.com, you get a message saying... "Sorry, your search yielded no results." Same with most of the other popular search engines. So eBiz4Teens is going to be the first to document the history of eBusiness, which we believe all started with Amazon.com. Amazon.com opened their virtual doors in July of 1995. Their mission was to "use the Internet to offer products that educate, inform, and inspire". So they built their website, an online store that is customer friendly and easy to navigate. Oh yeah, and it currently offers 4.7 million, yes MILLION, books, CDs, audiobooks, DVDs, computer games, and more.
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